Cuckoo B Model (Air Purifier)


Cuckoo Plasma Ionizer with 8-stage Filtration and Bacterioustatic



  1. 8-Level filtration + Cuckoo Plasma Ionizer
  2. Cuckoo Plasma Ionizer
  3. Futuristic features – voice control & smart timer
  4. 3-way dust indication – index display, 4-color indicator & voice guide.
  5. Energy-saving
  6. Filters 1.5 times larger than regular air purifiers (300×465)
  7. Certified with the clean air mark by the Korean Air Cleaning Association


SpesifikasiB Model
Keluasan38.3m2 / 412.2ft2
Tenaga33W in Turbo Mode, 16.8W in 4 Level Mode
CertificationCA Mark (Korea Air Cleaning Association)
Filter / Penapis5 Filters: Pre-Filter, Allergen Plus, Harmful Gas Relax, Deodorixing, 4-in-1 HEPA
SensorDuo-Sensor – Gas Sensor & Fine Dust Sensor
FungsiTimer, Yellow Dust Mode, Repeat Operation, Baby Sleeping Mode, Turbo, Filter Replacement Indicator, Air Quality Indicator(3 Levels), Lock, Auto Mode, Powerful Deodarisation Function

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